Officers for the Year 2011:

Chairperson of Church Council Robin Cain
Secretary of Church Council Debbie Cain
Lay Leader Marlin MacLaughlin
Treasurer Ginga MacLaughlin
Sunday School Superintendent Debbie Cain
Church Historian/Membership Ruby Meschutt
Cluster Representatives Diane McGehee, Mary Grace Gibson
Communion Steward Mary Kathryn Blackwood
Delegate to Annual Conference Mac Blackwood (charge-wide)
Alternate Delegate Larry Little of Church Hill UMC (charge-wide)

Committee Chairs:
Trustees Mike McGehee
Pastor/Parish Relations Diane McGehee (charge-wide)
Finance Ginga MacLaughlin
Lay Leadership Pastor Reed McCaleb
Parsonage Robin Cain (charge-wide)

Education/Children Debbie Cain
Worship Mary Kathryn Blackwood
Mission Robin Cain
Evangelism Pastor Reed McCaleb
Communications Ginga MacLaughlin
Native American Interpreter Debbie Cain

Debbie Cain,
Sunday School Superintendent

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